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How To Tanning Your Skin

Lately, dark skin beauty is becoming a trend. There are many ways that you can do to get the skin brown, one is to visit Sun Tan City and become our member. By becoming a member, of course, you would have several advantages among others are Sun Tan City Membership Prices.

What are things you can do to get the skin brown? Here are a few of some ways:

– Bask under the sun
Tanning by way of basking under direct sunlight, tanning is the most easy and cheap to do.

– Tanning Oil / Spray / Lotion
The process of tanning is done routinely, only with applied / sprayed across the surface of the body to produce brown evenly. This method is a safer way though the results are not permanent.

– Tanning Bed
On the inside of tanning beds, across the surface of the upper and lower sides of a kind mounted fluorescent lamps that emit ultraviolet light in the spectrum resembles natural daylight.