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Understanding Types of Residence Units

When planning to buy a residence and doing a survey, you will certainly hear the term types of condo units offered by the developers of the quarters. It is because condo units can be divided into several types of units. To help you understand the types of residence units, here are some of the types of the units which are often offered in residence buildings, including the Grandeur Park Residences.

– Loft

At first glance, this type of residence units might look like an attic. This condo has a high ceiling because there is an additional space. Around half of the floor is what is called as the loft that tends to be used as a bedroom. This condominium-type middle hits in several cities of the world because it is considered to have good air circulation due to this type being complimented with large windows.

– Studio

This type is definitely the most frequently heard by most of the people, no matter people who are looking for a condo unit and people who do not. These spacious condos are usually no more than 18-20 square meters and parts of it already include the room and the bathroom. At first glance, it might look like a simple hotel room.

– Convertible

The condo unit of this type is usually used as a way for an owner of a condo unit to combine the room and the living room. To combine it, both of the rooms are usually separated by a wall which is also used as a place to store the goods.
Usually, the middle of this wall, TV that juts into the wall will be placed to be the TV that can be inverted to face the living room or the bedroom. Other than that the living room can be converted into a kitchen at any time by changing the coffee table into a dining table.