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One of the growing lifestyle trend today is Gastro pub food, where it combines with the imaginative cooking techniques upscale and relaxed atmosphere is a picture of gastronomy and the beauty of decorating the pub. Pub decor was created in the early 1990s to show tret in London and telling style pub in almost the entire country. You will always find a quiet and relaxed atmosphere while in Gastro -pub coupled with a gourmet spin consumption that will pamper your taste. Maybe some of you are wondering what is Gastro-Pub food? For you who do not know the menu, this one is actually quite common and have similar menus with other menus. As you should know is the material obtained to make the Gastro-Pub food is natural and how the presentation is done is also very different.

If you imagine the potato pieces are full of oil or sweet potato slices are crisp, you will not find it on this menu. You will only find a cheeseburger with extra cheese makes this dish unique is sauce for a homemade burger made with the addition of bacon and onions. Sausages to be additional and decorated with apples and presented in the form of calvados. Another uniqueness lies in the plating process which displays an imaginative impression of the talent each chef involved and allows one to see a depiction unique in its presentation. It is intended that the consumer can identify whether the food they eat for Gastro-pub food get respite care or simply stored in a refrigerator and then served as the origin?

One important thing you should know is the ingredients used for making a gastro-pub food developed from materials local that usually originates from the garden of the owner of the restaurant and usually a couple of Gastro-pub only provides a menu with the seasons, it is because they use the garden natural that they manage themselves based on the season. So you can not force a menu to be present and you enjoy that moment. Many Gastro-pub that provides beverage made their own and of course depending on the season despite the fact that the cocktail is still available to you all the time without knowing the season.