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Tips on How to Choose the Menu for the Catering of a Wedding

Selecting a food menu that will be served at your wedding is not an easy matter. To be able to give proper presentation that can meet the expectations of guests will make you happy moments more memorable. Some tricks can be done to improve the quality of your reception dishes, ranging from the selection of wedding catering services, like the best lunch caterer in Maryland, to the way of presenting the food itself can add to the taste of food. If you want to know how, you can consider the following tips on choosing the best dish for the wedding event.

– Avoid Spicy Food

The food served at a wedding should not be too spicy because the food that is too spicy can make the throat sore and also cause diarrhea. It would be troublesome and disturb your happy moments with friends and relatives. Eating spicy foods will also make you hot. As we know, if the heat it will be pouring sweat. It will result in your makeup getting faded. This kind of food is hard to be consumed by small children. Other than those stated above, there are still many other reasons why you should not choose spice food as one of the menu in your wedding.

– Avoid Food High in Carbohydrate

In addition to spicy food, you also have to be careful with the enemy of all these women. Foods such as pasta or bread should be avoided. The effect of a high carbohydrate can make the abdomen expands and enlarges, and of course your guests do not want that to happen. Instead of pasta or bread and serve mashed potatoes or grilled vegetables to replace the carbohydrate portion but still filling.

– Choose Food with Small Portions

Why small portions? Because with the way your guests can taste all the food provided at your wedding. Surely you’ve ever attended a wedding but could not taste all menus are presented? If you provide a buffet meal is small in size and easy to be taken then your guests can try all foods in moderation. Moreover, with a small portion, you can insert a menu with carbohydrates because it will not make a woman swell. Even a small child can enjoy a meal comfortably with dishes that are not too large.