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Learning about the kidney function in 5 minutes

You’ve might have heard that some people, for the sake of getting a lot of money quickly, they’re willing to sell their own kidney. Yes, that’s true, a human is capable of living without his or her kidney, however, selling your own kidney for whatever the reason is not recommended. Not only that because of the kidney has a lot of functions to sustain the human health, if you’ve lost one, remember that even if you could find a donor for yourself, the price will be extremely expensive. The nephrologist in bangalor is more than happy to share some info with you on the kidney functions.

Here are the kidney functions that made it so precious for our body :

1. Filtering the blood

The food that we consume every day must be processed by our organ, so the nutrition could be absorbed by our body. However, just like the factory machine, everything that went trough a process must be generating some wastes. These wastes could be harmful to our own body. That’s why the kidney is required to filter the blood circulation from the dangerous toxins and chemicals.

2. Generates the urine

The urine is the proof that our kidney works well. It’s actually the wastes or toxic that has been thrown out from our body, by our friend, the good old Mr Kidney. If you’re not drinking enough water, the urine will be more yellow, that’s toxic that the kidney excreted from our body. However, if your urine is yellow, you need to drink more water immediately, due to that’s the sign that you haven’t drunk enough water.

3. Balances the water in the body

As we know, the human body is consisted of water by 80%. If it’s too much, the blood in our body would be too watery and it could be dangerous for the blood circulation and the heart as the organ that pumps the blood to the entire body. It could lead to many health problems.