The reasons to choose the best OB-GYN in Chattanooga

The pregnancy period needs to be managed carefully, in order to maintain the health of the mother and the baby as well. That’s why it’s important for every pregnant mother to choose the best OB-GYN in their town, so they can get the best help and service to manage their pregnancy. If you’re looking for the best chattanooga obgyn, then your best choice will be D. Scott Harnsberger, MD.

Dr. Harnsberger has already worked with the OB-GYN centre of excellence for 14 years. He was born and raised in Chattanooga, so it will be perfect for you to be handled by a professional and experienced OB-GYN that’s native to your hometown as well. He has been affiliated with 3 hospitals in the area, such as the Parkridge Medical Center, Parkridge East Hospital, and Erlanger Medical Center as well. He will be available from Monday to Friday started from 8.30-4.00. Make sure that you choose Dr. Harndsberger for the best OB-GYN services in Chattanooga.

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