Why it’s important to apply for US Citizenship?

Green card programs of national interest is basically a program Permanent Resident; for those who have legal immigration status and are entitled to work just like an American citizen if they have a green card. The validity period of this status varies, of course, is different from the status of citizens of the State in which the permanent resident need to extend the validity period of their immigration status. The validity period varies greatly, there are two years, five years, or even ten years. At least it takes about seven years for permanent resident card holders before they decide to get the status of an American citizen. Some media do your exposure to two large groups such as people who feel that by doing immigration to America so he could improve his life for reasons of economy, work and finances. The second group migrated because they feel America is a safe place to stay. In general, American immigration law provides three options to be able to live and work there, namely the sponsorship of family relationships. Second, sponsorship of the employment relationship and usually requires niw eb1 and EB2. Third through special laws. Starting from the green card lottery or submission of a place to stay.

For those of you who are planning to increase the tariff life then there are sub-groups of the immigration work-based first choice, namely North America Immigration Law Group provides the specialized group in EB1-A for preference immigration for foreign nationals who have extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business, and athletics. According to federal immigration law, people who fall into this category are not required to have employers that they must sign to continue working in their fields and provide prospective benefits in the United States. In addition, the applicant must show that foreigners with achievements that are recognized must prove by developing a strategy to win arguments with their extraordinary capabilities. Usually, this was accompanied by a lawyer who can be trusted in some cases. Advantages niw EB1 is not necessary certifications and you as foreigners are given the freedom to work because you have the skills and capabilities are outstanding. Basically, this visa application is very complicated but with the help of an attorney then you will be able to pass through all the process with ease.

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